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Get the best in Mississauga teeth whitening

For that whiter, brighter smile you’ve always wanted

No matter how often you brush your teeth, they still might not be as white as you’d like. The fact of the matter is that our tooth enamel darkens naturally as we age, and it also becomes more absorbent, meaning it’s easier to stain.

So how do you erase those tea and coffee blemishes to get that glittering movie star smile you’ve always wanted? At Dentistry on Glen Erin, we offer multiple forms of professional Mississauga teeth whitening.

Some stains may be so tough that traditional whitening methods will fail to remove them. For unusually stubborn stains, we recommend using bonding (using a resin material) or veneers (thin laminates) to cover your discolouration and give you the natural look you desire.

Take-Home Whitening Kits: For your convenience, we are proud to offer take-home teeth whitening kits. With custom whitening trays and prescription whitening gel, you can eliminate enamel stains and take control of your teeth whitening in just a few weeks!

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