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Correct your teeth with Mississauga orthodontics

Braces for your benefit

Teeth perform best when they are positioned correctly, but not everyone is born with perfect, straight teeth. We’re proud to offer orthodontics to help position your teeth into your most comfortable, gorgeous smile.

Crooked teeth and those that don’t fit well together are not only awkward and uncomfortable, but are harder to keep clean and healthy. By aligning your teeth through orthodontic treatment, you improve your oral health as well as create an aesthetically pleasing smile.


At Dentistry on Glen Erin, we’re delighted to offer Invisalign orthodontic treatment, also known as the clear alternative to braces. With Invisalign, we provide you with custom-made nearly invisible aligners that you change every two weeks to gradually shift your teeth into place.


For more information about how orthodontics could transform your smile, contact Dentistry on Glen Erin in Mississauga.

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